Beauty Spots

Beauty Spots – spotted in city, park, square and pavement

Beauty spots – in the city, spots against your expectations: wild water forms and nature

spots, calling upon your eyes and mind – see what lies before you – and calling your

attention like oases, breathing spaces, opportunities for expansion, to stretch out and

reach somewhere that leads from here to fertile land for imagination, to think again, to

reach elsewhere, further, beyond the usual rhythm that you are used to: find another,

different voice! With open eyes look at forms and shapes that emerge around you!

Discover things when looking at it from different angles, find your own perspectives on

things! Look at the sky above you, the pavement beside you, find the aesthetics of the

moment, the hidden wonders of what develops with the light effect of the sun and the

shadows it makes and spreads across the ground. Look out for light-streams, reflections,

inversions, additions, for there is magic in how things appear!

Beauty spots arise in any moment, so walk carefully, mindfully, optimistically, stop

frequently, it’s all there, unfolding, ever in motion in every place, at any time and space

happening – blissfully, peacefully, fantastically – among the elements.

(photos taken, in order of appearance, in 1. Letchworth; 2. Highams Park; 3. Hampstead; 4 Walthamstow, 5. Turnham Green; 6. Hackney; 7. Clapton Pond; 8. Turnham Green; 9. Walthamstow, Hampstead and Clapton; 10. Hackney; 11. Letchworth; 12. Hackney; 13. Clapton Pond; 14. Letchworth and Clapton Pond; 15. Walthamstow).



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