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Head-ing for the unknown

As we are heading for another time-event, i.e. one year ending for the sake of another, let’s look at a head: this one I have taken at Putney School of Art, on the roof terrace. What intrigues me about this is its Egyptian and African, or perhaps Olmec features. I don’t know who did it,  DSC00070

i need to keep on asking until somebody knows (if someone reading this does know let me know), but it amazes me: a head of unknown origin, how very poignant! And who did it? Unless it’s a  a real original find… I was also tantalised by the sun and shadow play imprinting their outlines there for that moment.  And the ears are just amazing, really eerie! in a good way! The sculpture was done most likely to be a work by a student some decades ago perhaps, but what influenced him or her to make this head such an interesting multicultural mix? Or is it a museum piece? There we have it, this is the question for the new year… HNY! Ursu

African Heroes!

Highlight of the year: I have seen the most spectacular, amazing street I could possibly imagine, when I was in Spain earlier this year: Calle Heroes de Africa! Street of African Heroes! It’s in small town called Rojales near Alicante. When I asked for the history of this street, nobody knew, so I will go to the town hall and ask there, the next time I go there. I have been looking for the photos I took there, and finally found one!

Also, now as I am posting this it coincides with the heroic actions of BlackLivesMatter.

Happy Xmas! Ursula X –

  • make a colour circle against the colour line.                                        And here below is that amazing photo


taken by me in Rojales, April 2015

Colour Circle

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Welcome to the Colour Circle! I chose this title as it expresses my desire for a revolution against the colour line.

So it’s my new inclusive concept against the old divisive concept.


am trying another update with excitement now!

so to explain more about the kind of revolution I am talking about: the colour circle that I am proposing is my idea for social and inclusive living, to counteract the effects of the colour line: here I am referring to the concept by the great African American scholar W.E.B. Du Bois. He writes how the colour line separates black and white people, and presses us into these categories in the first place, which is very misleading and unfortunate and causes a lot of distress. So I was thinking, instead of a line let’s have a circle.