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Start the Year with Words

They say that in the beginning there were words. So I thought let’s start the year with some of those words, as they happen in poems!

And I’ll do more than just make a start with them: I want to play around with beginnings, middles and endings! And, as ever, with forms: so I’ve gone for a ‘poetripych’ – i.e. I put  three poems together!

So here is one from last April, which could be a beginning too: “Like life turned”. Then I’ll have “Earth Script” from May, and then ‘Once you know’ from last week.

A whole lot more words happened this last year (and a whole lot more than words too!), centering on some kind of psychogeography of the interior. So there’s more, and more, and much, but this is the good thing: the beginning – i.e. when there were words – is endless! And therefore: to be continued at all times!

Like life turned

Reflections in the river like life turned upside down

And in a good way: things are seen, and to be viewed, on their head

So we know that we usually only see half of everything


Nature for a sense of orientation

Look at the sky with its clouds: you know they’ve travelled, like you

They’ve travelled, but nobody knows. You could spot them

In any country, but you don’t know if it’s the same cloud; or it might

Not have existed then when the sky was somewhere else

It’s so ephemeral, each cloud: an ephemeral phenomenon


I always look up with amazement at the sky-scape

And find that clouds look like landscapes

In their outlines, with the clouds representing land

And the sky as the water, an airy sky-ocean

So a cloud is like an island, an ephemeral island


But moving like a fish through the water-sky

The wind like a stream in the sky

Sky-river, air-water

Wind-ocean, flood heaven


Ideas for elemental interchange

After all, both elements excel

In appearing blue to us


Reflections in the river like life turned upside down

In these two blue tones of these interchangeable elements

The lighter blue of the daylight sky as background to the landscape

With the darker blue of the river as background to the reflection

In the river, beyond ground, in the water

One image in both directions

Upside down and downside up

Reflections in the river like life turned upside.                                      © Ursula Troche, 4.17

Earth -script

Uprisings in the land

Showing themselves up as mountains

Land-risings, earth-elevations, soil-shapes

Uprisings as land-risings

Rocks enabling higher levels


Rock-formations by sea

Looking like books, piled

Up on top of each other

A reminder that nature, too, has

Within it, books!


News from the Neolithic and

News from Nowhere combined

Leading to new insights

There are oracles for this in sight


Read from here, read this!

This original earth-script

Earth scripted text


Then there are scriptural transitions

Shadow-lands and light-lands

Intermingling at Lands’ Edge by the sea

Here, where solid lines are softly washed away

Wiped out, watered down, in wavy rhythms

As waves are washing away patterns

Between shadow and light

Achieving solidifications of movement


Earth script with sea-script, textual, perpetual

Animation, configurations everywhere

Polyrhythmic orchestrations

Of the earth, with all its elements



Read them from here

At least give it a try to access knowledge here

This is what the ancestors did too

This is where they found out about the disruptions too

Do we remember?                                                                          © Ursula Troche, 5.17

Once you know

Unforeseen circumstances

Unforeseen arrangement

Unforeseen waters in between

And seaside edges that remain

Unknown until you move along until you

Encounter the water

Inside a time like this, for example


Like an unforeseen sighting

You are encountering another dimension

Imagine: this is where I live like this!

Like being submerged with water

One might say

Off the edge, of the land, that one knows

For these are the things that one knows

Unlike fluid, risky, wondrous water


In the water: engage with the art of recognition

So you can recognize, even by itself, the water

Thereby re-organise your oversight

Drip with it!

Feel it falling!

Feel it rolling down to be noticed

That’s how you’ll recognise the water!


The water, the unforeseen the unseen:

Find out where they are, where

They might leave their traces

… trace …

Once you find it you could even lose it

That’ ok, the difference is

You know it is somewhere!

You wouldn’t say it is not there!                                                                © Ursula Troche, 1.18