Monthly Archives: December 2019

Elective Special

My poster-notes for the occasion. There’s an election coming and the festive season is coming: Election + festive = elective.

Elective Affinities! But there’s more to it, for Elective Affinities was a novel by Goethe. All those years ago. And where are our (elective/ion) affinities in this election now?

The magnitude of this election – due to its impact on the Brexit-malaise – propelled me to compose little posters in my notebook, and then exhibit them on instagram. Exhibition is the word, so it’s not necessarily the same as campaigning – it’s about writing new ideas

down, and show with these the irrationality and sadness of the Brexit idea. Taking a fresh look at things to illuminate topics that affect us, such as this. So it’s the idea of art as a socially responsive and critical tool all over again.

I had started writing blog articles about new ideas against Brexit already at the time of the referendum – and now picked up on this thread again but this time in poster-style.

The issue at stake is too big not to comment on, I find.

I can’t make up my mind whether these little works are posters or notes – and that’s good because they are both.

All of these have been on my instagram (except one which is still to come) and some also elsewhere. As my little collection grew, I thought however, to put them all together in one place, so here they are. Maybe I’ll feel the need to add to them in the future. Time and the election result will tell.

The urge to engage on this level has been a conducive aspect of my art practice as a whole – it’s a coming-out and taking-sides process as well, and that is (once again) an exciting choice to make.