• from pose to prose – La Vie en Pose

Its’ exciting to be both a life model and a writer – i.e. to both pose and write prose. I constantly get inspired by how modelling informs my writing, with its deep experiences of time and space, providing room to process places seen and walked through, and experience the personal-political body-in-place(s). Then, Fra Beecher and Mark / Explorist’s put on a workshop ‘Life Drawing Life Writing’, which addressed just that intersection: Life Drawing Life Writing (padlet.com

Earlier, had made this short film Bod()y – Corpus(sy): Bo(d)y – Corpus(sy) on Vimeo

Body (d) y – Corpus (sy) – a speechless film, in secret, about language and pronounciation. body-geography and migraton.

My body in the world: I work as a life model, my body is feminine, although the word ‘body’ resembles a boy, whereas ;corpus’ can be elongated to spell out my sexual organ.

I encounter borders: my body entails a hidden aspect: my ‘Otherness’ cannot be seen, that’s why I say nothing. If I were to speak, my foreignness would be audible: I wamt to point to the invisible / unspeakable of pronounciation / silence as hidden aspect of the postcolonial.

Therefore I try to cross borders. Since brexit the borders have entered the (personal? // country-) house, body / self becomes politics. I try to move forward, forge a path across borders, help myself with empty shells from the beach. In the end the empty shells win: I reach for them, in the end I cann’t grab them: my body does not become better but more foreign: an attempted dialogue disappears… But we’ll draw it back out, that’s the only model.