ART-icles, Sculptures


Below are some of my Yarn-and-Branch sculptures, and what follows here are my new lid-and tub stitches – here headlined by one of my Smileytubbies – these eco-sweeties are(made out of recycled plastic packaging, that’s why they smile so much – and they

are more tubby than the Teletubbies, because they are made from real tubs! –

And here are some pics of my sculptures, which have developed from my outdoor tree threading work – here I take one with me on the train to an exhibition – meanwhile making its very own pop-up train gallery travelling exhibition too!

The first to go into an exhibition was at ‘Viola Tricola’ in Carlisle, – opposite the Cathedral – from Saturday the 18th June.

the second was at The Rum Story Gallery in Whitehaven in Whitehaven.

In August will follow Leeds, in September Maryport. and so on…

The pic below was at the Viola Tricola exhibiton gallery:

…and here is some work on canvas:… (coming soon…)

More pictures of my scuptures are below, I have and here are some more at home and outdoors:

and more