here you find info about me, my art and more web-links, below and further below…

I do/am: working and dwelling in words and space, shape and time.

Most recent publications at Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness https://www.lonewomeninflashesofwilderness.com/ursula-troche#!  and at Writing.ie https://www.writing.ie/tell-your-own-story/looking-for-irish-street-by-ursula-troche/

Drawing on lived space-experience from country to country, then city to sea, I look at the insides of the differences and entangulations of these worlds in psychogeographic and linguistic ways. My focus is a Sea-Triptych of the Irish, North- and Baltic Seas, looking at the (social) histories, borders and margins of these seas, with postcolonial and creative perspectives. Uncovering micro-details of forms, lines, language-images and islands, I embellish them in various media: writing, photography, performance, sketches, assemblages, video and interventions. Keen to bring art and its ideas into the public sphere, as an approach to “the personal is political”, I view art as a means of dialogue.

Space and the Sea – London to Cumbria – City to Coast – Centre to Margin unsettled

Sea-crossing: Germany to Britain: North-Sea traverse, with Waddensea beginning

Lands and Borders – lines under water – hidden boundaries – Berlin Wall Meridian

island-twinning – related names – languages merging on islands: rainbow emerges!


sea, and here a triptych has arisen: Irish Sea and Baltic Sea on the sides – North Sea in the middle. – and there is another side to the North Sea: the Waddensea. Going from sea to land, the countries around theses sea are even more numerous! Britain (where I live) and Germany (where I grew up) being two of them. As these are the languages I know, I bring some of the islands of these seas together in my little blogs: https://islandinsel.blogspot.com/ and  https://seelandsea.blogspot.com/

On more numerous space-and time topics or artistic dimensions I collaborate with sound-artist, oral historian et al Simon Bradley at artcouple.co.uk.


So this is me:

and the beginning of my unreal-to-real series: acrylic to wool: the idea here is to make collages that look like seaweed, or maps – representing intertidal life-forms.

I have an interest also in viewing things perhaps in an upside-down method, as an approach to expand and invent new subjectivities, find and consider passed-by objects, construct pathways from margin to centre (to paraphrase and expand on bell hooks’ idea in her book of the same title, 1984).

…here’s the middle-piece of a Nature Triptych: Sky-Sun, Middle and Roots):

I have been writing for years and performed in pubs and festivals and so on.

One of my early self-published booklets ‘Embraceable – Notes from Different Places called Home’ speaks of themes i still pursue: that of my migration and ‘my-grations’ within that. Embraceable – Notes from Different Places called Home’ – the lived experience of hybridity, being a foreigner but also being at home. ‘Origins and Other Issues’ refers to yet further, distant, and historical roots in Africa. So there are themes from which the idea of the ‘Colourcircle’ originated: I had this idea of a Colour Circle, to use against the colour line, and thereby create change, because we are exchanging the line with the circle, so we escape our separation and instead face each other, so we can have communication instead of silence.  So it’s about social spaces and their echoes, dynamics, imprints – and the things we can do with them, the things we can say, theorize, imagine and re-imagine. Where art can lead to bringing out hidden and overlooked  material and situations – and lines can be redrawn and change attempted.

In 2016, the year after this blog started, some of the places I performed at were these, …more content to follow:

Visible Women (Isleworth); WOW; and next week the Black Film Fest in Berlin

Years before:

The Colour of London Festival; Human Rights Festival South London

In different countries; Etc, tbc



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      ah thanks Donna! so excited to hear! yes to return and then to enhance living! was just thinking, there’s a book called Grammar for Living’, might well be my next post, to sort of look at grammars and underlying structures and what’s harmful and what’s enhancing



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