So this is me:

i had this idea of a Colour Circle, to use against the colour line, and thereby create change, because we are exchanging the line with the circle, so we escape our separation and instead face each other, so we can have communication instead of silence.

Me, that’s  me, Ursula Troche: writer, performer, poet, life model, photographer, interculturalist,  spiritual cosmologist, thinker who is interested in transcending social conventions and thereby abolishing divisions of ‘race’ and other harmful structures.

My themes can also be summarized as P.P.P.P. – (and PoPo) – in long form that is:    Poems , Prose, Performances, Photos – (and Postcolonial Poetry)

Here some more photography (example Nature Triptych: Sky-Sun, Middle and Roots) – look for poetry and writing below and in my posts… x

I have been writing for years and performed in pubs and festivals and so on. And then there is photography too – so all the things with a P seem to be it! Indeed, I pose as well! As an artists’ model.                                                                                                                                  And there is another P: my publications… Embraceable – Notes from Different Places called Home; Origins and Other Issues. etc                                                                                             So 6 P’s altogether, not 4 really.                                                                                                         Then, after being asked repeatedly what I write about, I decided on the name PoPo: postcolonial poetry.

Shapes, forms, perspectives: themes in writing and thinking and art: then enacted and reflected in my work in photography and as a life model for art classes.

This year festivals I performed at:

Visible Women (Isleworth); WOW; and next week the Black Film Fest in Berlin

Years before:

The Colour of London Festival; Human Rights Festival South London

In different countries; Etc, tbc




2 thoughts on “About

    1. ursulatro Post author

      ah thanks Donna! so excited to hear! yes to return and then to enhance living! was just thinking, there’s a book called Grammar for Living’, might well be my next post, to sort of look at grammars and underlying structures and what’s harmful and what’s enhancing



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