Monthly Archives: April 2017


 Where some people may be hipsters, I am a springster, because i love spring! That’s the

word  that occured to me last night, which we who love spring, might love to use. When I

leave my house, I often can’t walk fast, because I can’t resist taking yet another photo of all that grows by the wayside, the little countryside on the pavements. And moving on from there and into urban oases such as my local Woodberry Wetlands, a top biotope!

Everything grows and the sun shines! It’s like all of us enjoy this, so we are all pagans now! And then there’s Easter, how do we celebrate that? There are the chickens and the church, and then there’s the chicken and the eggs!

I’ve got some Easter Chicks and some Easter eggs and I don’t know which came first! I know they came before the church though! That doesn’t mean the festival has no meaning. The most truthful celebration of Easter I have ever done was in 2009, when I went to Aldermasten, the annual peace march, which the CND and CCND has organised since the 1950s. This used to be a big pilgrimage, but now has become very small. But I think it’s the best way of celebrating Easter, because it’s about showing your commitment to what religion should be: to take action for peace.

I don’ think the peace pilgrimage to Aldermasten is still being organised though, but it’s a good to spread the word about what is possible if we were serious about peace.  So let those budding flowers which we all admire, and the sunshine that we all enjoy, inspire us to come out for peace, so that we may all live happily ever after one day. I think this could be a good definition of being a springster – to admire spring for a good reason and a good cause, to spread blossoming and growth, to do like the flowers do!