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Universal Greetings!

Universal greetings to you all in multiple forms! This photo I took at the stunning Crawick Multiverse (at a railway station and pretty wee town called Sanquhar, between Dumfries and Glasgow), which is an amazing landscape architecture park, where the universe is represented in the form of stone clusters and so on: a stone cluster for an

astronomical super cluster, another one for Andromeda, and of course our own galaxy! The park is the brain child of Charles Jencks, who has also made the Northumberlandia park and sculpture. Then various phenomena are explained and expressed on earth, such as the Sun Flare / Earth Shield, my favourite, and the one in these first couple of pics, and the third one being its explanation. The park is so fascinating, it’s like a place of

pilgrimage! In the sky itself stars represented here ar e only visible at night, the darker the sky, ┬áthe more stars in sight! And I had a look at the stars after my visit here, when I went to the Galloway Astronomy Centre. It’s amazing how kind of neolithic it looks like as well. So, wait for the darkness and you will see! As did the once famous astronomers (and now too often forgotten), the Dogon in Mali, Africa, so do we now! Not only are our continents that are connected – have a look at the pic below, which tells you how heaven and earth, too, are connected. We have to take our unity more serious!

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