Head-ing for the unknown

As we are heading for another time-event, i.e. one year ending for the sake of another, let’s look at a head: this one I have taken at Putney School of Art, on the roof terrace. What intrigues me about this is its Egyptian and African, or perhaps Olmec features. I don’t know who did it,  DSC00070

i need to keep on asking until somebody knows (if someone reading this does know let me know), but it amazes me: a head of unknown origin, how very poignant! And who did it? Unless it’s a  a real original find… I was also tantalised by the sun and shadow play imprinting their outlines there for that moment.  And the ears are just amazing, really eerie! in a good way! The sculpture was done most likely to be a work by a student some decades ago perhaps, but what influenced him or her to make this head such an interesting multicultural mix? Or is it a museum piece? There we have it, this is the question for the new year… HNY! Ursu


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