2017: Make a Wish


Make a Wish for the New Year!

Let it be beautiful!

For it is a new year, a new start

Here’s your chance to contribute to make peace

In the world, yes you! You too!

Let there be peace and let there be love

Yes let it be! Let this be so!

Let there be fairness and justice,

Fulfilment and joy, let there be

Togetherness and understanding

Let there be what was lacking in 2016

And so let there be an abundance

Of critical thought and of goodwill for a change!

Make a change and make love, not war

Yes why not make love and not war

Let there be war no more

Let it be, make it happen, make a wish

And contribute, give your input

So there will be no war no more!

At least wish for it to be so

So we can move closer

To what we need

And live happily ever after for a change!                                  © Ursula Troche, 12.16


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