Xmas: Big on Trees but poor on Peace…

The spelling Xmas suggests this is a festival of kissing: xxx! Happy Xmas X! So it’s supposed to get peaceful now – and lovely! But is it?

My beloved Octy (i.e. the little octopus you can see in my photos here) certainly had fun on all sorts of trees he could find and wishes everyone a happy Xmas. And I love the tree-image. The Tree of Life and Bringer of Breath truly!

But politically I’ve been shocked many times this year and I wrote this poem about how we must help to counter politics of hatred, aggression, division, domination. I’ve been shocked by the system as much as other acts of violence: it’s not ok to just sit back and do nothing – or to let this current world situation pass because it won’t pass… we have to counter it with some sort of positive contribution, for our common good, our common humanity and our common happiness.

So I think I let this poem be my Xmas message:


News around the world are becoming

Quite terrible, unbearable, it’s sometimes

Hard to keep calm, to keep cool and

It’s easy to make it all worse, get sucked in

And up, by all that negative energy and make it

Worse: that energy: the echoes of frustration and

Of aggression and desperation of thousands of people,

Sometimes antithetical to each other, sometimes ungovernable

We have, have we? Become ungovernable?

Because obviously we don’t like the system that often

Impoverishes us and could torture us, some of us, and could

Kill us, some of us, so some of us return the killing

Before it afflicts them-selves, an escape from the rat race

This is, yes, this too, is the rat race, and it’s not

Skin-deep, it’s bone marrow, soul destroying, it’s

Terrible, soul-terror, and so it could become an –ism if

Enacted, or it could be something else, it could be, it might be, yet

It is dangerous, frightening, the system and the –ism

How we mirror its aggression and make it worse, it’s dangerous

The effects, the internalisation of the system and the –ism

And whatever it is or isn’t.


We are in danger:

Of running scared and being scary, aggressive, of

Catching each other ever more rougher

Between devils and deep blue seas, and

Ourselves, don’t you see? We have to

Permeate this negative energy and help

Help, because we need help, we need

Bread and a job and water and a roof

Over our head, and love, and improved

Housing conditions and living conditions and

Thinking conditions and soul conditions:

Yes we need to think too, about what to do, not just

Act but think about how we act, what we could do, how

We could help, not hurt one another but become one

It’s irresponsible of us not to take some responsibility

And help, yes help, to make this world a better place.                   © Ursula Troche, 12.16


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