Winter Solstice: 1st Birthday!

It’s Winter Solstice again, annual celebration of the light at its ‘shortest point’ (i.e. the shortest day) – and this little blog of mine is One Year Old today: OYO, oh yeah!

In its first year, my blog has happily grown and will grow further, along with the sun, which will from now on shine longer, until the summer solstice, and then it will continue to grow along with the night, which will frr oom then on last longer… and so on we go out and in, and in and out, but at the same time we go on and on…


On these images I catch the light, as it is so celebrated at Winter Solstice, and as I so often do: light pure and light reflected, light with shadows, and light with more shadows, intriguing, outlining, revealing, contrasting, complementing, making understanding: light permeating and illuminating leaves and landscapes, the soul and the social.

The lines below are taken from my writings for the Palimpsest exhibition – Bringing Hidden Stories to Light: as there is a parallel between themes: Bringing Hidden Stories to the Solstice! (plus the blog: this little blog of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…)

Sunset: Encounter with the Earth.

Then the Darkness comes and it is rich

And all-knowing, for here

Are the Hiding-Places

Which are too easily forgotten in the light

This next poem is inspired by a winter solstice walk I participated in: us walkers were a group of artists around Walthamstow (my previous home), organised by Pippa Davismoon, and we wandered through the woods of Wanstead:

Winter Solstice Wanstead Wanderings

As we go quiet

The sounds of the birds arise

The birds arise and speak

To each other and they have

Messages for us

Wrapped in their sounds

Like trumpets, instruments

Singing, squeaking and

Speaking voices

Charmingly around the pond, feeling charming

Around the soul, which is our very own pond; with

Each of us a pool of water over which

To ponder, and there

It is: the pond, the

Place to ponder


And there they are, the birds

And all the other animals

Of the pond and of the woodland

The animals: and the anima, the soul

Yes it’s called anima, the unconscious, and now

It is being enacted, tantalised, animated!

And there it is, the message

It’s all around us, in times

Of stillness and attention

When only soul is in motion, only

Soul is the music of the heart and the forest

Soul-music, believe me, believe

In the power of transformation to make

The world a better place

At this time of the solstice

And all around

For all around us are the sounds

Of the birds and all animals and of hope

And the sun, turning, rising, setting, and then

Rising again.                                                                    © Ursula Troche, 12.16

Tonight I will celebrate the Solstice by writing into the night, with a group of writers in Greenwich, organised by Arachne Press.

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!




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