Brexit could lead to ‘EU immigrant envy’ + brain drain


How would we live together after Brexit? And how would we travel?

A large proportion of Britain’s population, especially the young, are worried about losing their right to free movement, their right to travel and settle in Europe, just like other EU-citizens do. It would be almost an insult to have to travel with a passport that literally would have lost its star-rating. At every airport, with every Ryanair flight, and so on, one would be badly reminded of all of a sudden holding a downgraded passport that wouldn’t pass any longer for ‘EU and EEA queue’ and one would have been reduced to a second class citizen! Hence the looming Brexit option would feel like a sort of imprisonment.

In this situation, I am an EU-foreigner. In the case of a Brexit, and provided I stay here (as I have already for 25 years) I would not face those restrictions on travelling, my passport would not have been downgraded. Hence I, and people like me, would face ‘immigrant envy’. It would be a terribly dangerous and disastrous disequilibrium. It wouldn’t be fair at all if I all of a sudden I would have privileges on travel and freedom of movement to and in the EU that the Brits would lose. I would be envied for still having access to Europe. This is such a terribly unfair situation, that I, even if allowed to stay on, in Britain, might not want to do so!

Other Brits meanwhile are trying to maintain their privileges by assuming another nationality of the EU. They too, might be so upset by a Brexit Britain that they might want to leave. So a number of people, Brits plus EU foreigners, might leave simply out of disgust, discomfort or depression. These would be likely to be the young, and graduates. Thus Britain might be experiencing a brain drain soon – something we have known to be the case so far only in developing countries. Britain could become a developing country, it already has a weak (or perhaps a failed) state, another symptom that’s usually only to be found in developing countries.

These are just some more points among many worrying developments, such as the shortfall in environmental legislation, pound value etc.

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