things that are being overlooked: this is true for things nature as well as things

social: interactions, processes, situations – it can be difficult to see, to perceive, to be

willing. We are too embedded in what we might consider to be ‘normal’ to expand our vision – and our horizon, or just to open up on the spot, to see the beauty, the complexity, and listen to others and ourselves, to be imaginative, to stretch and to reach out.


Sometimes, and often, I can see

Symphonies develop and rise

From under the surface’

Sometimes, and often, I can suddenly

See and feel sweet surreal songs

Arising, uprising, like an

Uprising, a revolution

Developing from under the surface

But the symphony that rises and blossoms

Is fragile for it is in danger

Of being overlooked

And so it is in danger of its being

Not to be seen


Happen too much, and


Happen too often, and

So we miss out

On messages for us and in us

And impatience rises

Impatience and then confusion:

Misunderstood readings

Are therefore overlooked

And so suspicion develops

For absurd reasons

Based on these mis-readings

And misinterpretations

And overlookings

With repetition

These repeated overlookings then

Result in not-hearing

A dialogue not opened

And so the beauty of the symphony

That arises and rises from

The hidden places of below

Is unheard


Like an unheard voice

Like a silenced story

This is not a world without symphony

But problems arise

When we cannot hear it

So listen out for subterranean symphonies

And you might feel your spirit rising with it

For they express hidden dreams and desires

That you might overlook within yourself.                            © Ursula Troche, 9.15



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