Around the Green Bridge

Well, it looks rather yellow on the photo (and it is, as well) but it’s green on top, and that gives it its name. And it’s green because there’s a park on the bridge – and, therefore, there’s a park on top of the road – and a church, or so it seems! It’s Mile End park and it’s one of London’s most amazing green oases. It seems as well that the bridge divides the DSC01565

World of Mile End into an upstairs-downstairs kind of thing, underworld-overworld, earth and heaven, stress and calm, the real and the dream! But then the park comes down to earth beyond the bridge as well, so you can enter the dream and relax at any level!

And I think it’s a really great way to enter a new world, see country within the city, and so get inspired to think outside the urban boxes, straight lines and concrete angles, and instead delve into rounder forms and circularity! Find room for expansion and green for growth! And see how magic the shapes of nature are:

The park also has an amazing art pavillion, is almost like a second answer to ‘Palace of Delight’, which was proposed by social commentator and novelist Walter Besant a long time ago – he was the brother of the husband of socialist feminist Annie Besant – which was built some time before 1900 but was later destroyed by fire. I think there are still remnants of a ‘People’s Palace’ at Queen Mary and Westfield College. Meanwhile, I let myself be purely inspired and tantalized by the artful shapes of nature around me, which were inspiring even in the absence of bright sunlight. Such as sculptural sight of the rings of tree-trunks looking like archeological excavations. Containers of time they both are! And the beauty of the bushes and ferns and the path towards the setting sun!  u.t.

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