January 8, 2016

Yes, i have a New Year’s Recommendation, not just a resolution… Read this (in the pic): Make Art Not War! I found this magic mural at Wanstead DSC00919

tube station – you can’t miss it: when you get in it’s in front of you, and when you get out it’s on your way out. Wanstead is on the Central Line, east of Stratford, and this is just amazing! When i googled it I found out that this was the theme of Wanstead Arts Trail in 2014. And how much more we need it now! So now I like to propose this theme could be expanded to whole of London and the whole of everywhere! Art is our chance to change the world! It’s a chance because it’s a fulfilling activity, and one that establishes communication, and therefore dialogue. It’s where we can make our our own spaces and expand in harmony and togetherness. This mural was painted by Sam Cowan, and look at the sweet messages she wrote on it! Just what we need! Her web site is http://www.happymurals.com. u.t.

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